Pokémon Go is already shaping up as one of the most exciting and innovative mobile games of the past few years – at least when we consider the popularity of the game. Millions of people around the world have begun playing the game – and we can already see the impact of Pokémon Go on the real world. If you go outside and see a bunch of kids roaming around and starting intently at their phones, they are probably playing Pokémon Go! But what if the game is still not available in your country? What are your options?

If Pokémon Go is not available in your country, there are ways to work around the geographical limits to download the game and play it on your phone. If you have an Apple Smartphone, and you are not in the United States, Canada or Europe, you are going to need to create a United States-based iTunes account to download the game and install it on your phone.

So take your iPhone and visit the App Store. As soon as you see your Apple ID near the bottom, you can tap on the Id and click the sign-out button. Signing out of your current ID will allow you to login with a new ID, which should be located in the United States. To achieve the location change, you must visit the settings on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Language and Region section. Tap on the Region button and check the United States.

As soon as your region change is accepted, you are ready to go back to the App Store and create a new Apple ID. Make a new email address if you do not have a spare one you can use for this purpose. Create the Apple ID and make sure you double-check that the United States is selected as the location. If it asks you for billing information, you can always add a spoofed United States address you find online. You are not going to get prompted for your billing details such as a credit card number until you try to make a purchase. But Pokémon Go is a free game, which means you do not have to worry about that right now.

When your account is created, you can reopen the App Store and search for Pokémon Go. You should see the game on your screen and the download button should be active. Tap on Get and click on Install. You will now have Pokémon Go on your phone within a matter of moments! As long as you are signed in to the Apple ID that is based in the United States, you are good to use the game and update it whenever you want. But you could run into problems if you launch Pokémon Go while you are signed into an account that is not based in the United States. For more information, visit a Pokémon Go help and discussion forum. These forums are especially useful if you are running into problems while installing the game on your phone outside the United States.

Android –

The process for downloading Pokémon Go outside the United States is much simpler on an Android phone. As long as you have a rooted Android phone that allows you to install applications from outside sources (other than the Google Play Store), all you have to do is find an APK Mirror of the Pokémon Go application, download the APK onto your phone and install the APK from where it is saved on your phone’s memory card.

When you click on the APK on your phone, you are going to face a prompt that asks if you want to install the application even though it is not from the Google Play Store. Confirm your desire to install the application and it should go through without any problems.

The game should update by itself without any problems when it is installed on your phone. But if you are not seeing any updates, you may want to find a website that features the latest APK of the updated Pokémon Go game. You can check the site every week to download and install the latest version on your Android phone.

GPS Spoofer –

If the Pokémon Go game is not yet available in your country, you could run into a situation where there are no Pokémon or Pokeballs or gyms or Pokestops available in your country. The game’s map may not have activated in your country yet. In such a situation, you can use the GPS spoofer to change your location to a city where the game is currently active. You can choose any city in the United States, Canada or Europe to play the game right now. And the game is also launching in China very soon, which means you will have a whole host of new locations to select in the coming weeks and months.