What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a mobile-based augmented reality game. It is also a massively multiplayer online, or MMO game, which has gained a huge amount of popularity over the past few weeks. The purpose of Pokémon Go is to capture and trade virtual creatures, along with fighting battles against other players and their creatures. Pokémon Go is downloadable on any mobile device that features GPS and a fast-enough internet connection.


Requirements for Pokémon Go

If you are looking to play Pokémon Go, you are going to need a mobile phone with the Android or iOS software. Your phone must also have the GPS feature, along with the internet through Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan. Android devices must have the software version of 4.3 or higher, while you must have iOS on an iPhone 5 or better smartphone. If you are unsure about whether or not Pokémon Go is going to run on your phone, you can always check the Google Play or Apple Store to see whether the game downloads and installs on your device. In terms of storage space, it is recommended that users have at least 200 to 300 MB of free space, to make room for the game and any further updates.


Learning About Pokémon Go

One of the best things about the Pokémon Go is the number of unique creatures you can find, along with the various types of gameplay you can enjoy. But it can seem a little overwhelming for those who are not familiar with Pokémon. If you are new to the Pokémon world, you may want to find an online glossary featuring all the main terms used in the Pokémon Go application. Not only will it help you understand the world a little better, but you can also learn about the various features and tricks included in the game.


When you open the application, you will see a map with various streets and structures and possibly creatures. You may zoom in or out when you are viewing the map, which helps give you an idea of what is around your current location. You can see if there are any gyms nearby, along with any loose creatures you can catch and add to your collection. The map will only work properly if you have GPS enabled on your phone, because it needs to track your movements to present you with an accurate reflection of what is around you.


There are no specific controls in Pokémon Go, because you are the controller. As you move up, down, left or right, the game’s map is going to move with you. The in-game movement corresponds perfectly with your movements, which makes it a lot easier to view and capture the creatures you see in the app. Players can also adjust their app to the battery saver setting, if they are worried about running out of battery.


How to Catch Pokémon –

Catching a Pokémon creature is a lot easier than it seems. All you have to do is track these creatures through your in-game map, and you are going to find yourself face to face with one of them in no time. As soon as you “lock on” to a creature within the game, your view is going to change from the general map view to a one-on-one combat mode. In the one-on-one mode, you are staring right at the creature. All you have to do is use your Pokeballs, such as the Green Balls or Ultra Balls, to capture these creatures.


The game also lets you know whether you are going to face an easy or difficult challenge with a particular creature. If you see a green mark at the bottom of your screen, the creature is easy to capture. A yellow mark means a medium capture, while the red mark refers to a difficult capture. Use the most powerful Pokeball, such as the Ultra Balls, to obtain the difficult captures. It is also possible to use Berries to change the difficulty of the capture. For example, tossing a Berry at a difficult capture may turn it into a medium or easy capture. Each creature you capture presents you with points in the game, which helps you level up.


How to Track Nearby Pokémon –

One of the major objectives in the game is to catch Pokémon creatures. We have already learned how to catch a creature you have found, but how do we go about finding these creatures? The best way to find creatures is to explore your map. If you are sitting at home, you may want to see if there are any Pokémon running around in your house. There are usually one or two creatures in all buildings, which means you can get some easy points by grabbing those Pokémon.

If you have already grabbed all the creatures in your home or apartment, you are going to need to go outside to find more Pokémon for your collection. The map is your friend in such a quest, because you can zoom in and out to see what is going on in the various streets within walking distance of your location. If you do not see anything within walking distance, you may want to get in your car or take the public transport to the nearest Pokéstop or Gym. These locations are typically filled with different creatures for you to grab. You can also use “incense” or purchase “lure” to attract more monsters coming closer to your spot.


Where to Find Different Types of Pokémon –

One of the most entertaining parts of Pokémon Go is how it manages to successfully merge the real world with the artificial reality of the game. There are so many different types of Pokémon in the game, but you can usually find them in locations that correspond to their Type. For example, Water Type Pokémon are going to be found near lakes, rivers, oceans and other bodies of water. The Grass Type or Bug Type Pokémon are more prominent in parks, woods and other areas with a lot of greenery. And you are going to find all sorts of Pokémon in the main parts of your city or town, which makes hunting for them even more exciting.


Pokestops and Gyms –

These are locations added to the game where players can purchase or obtain certain types of items. Pokestops are a great place to get free items you can use within the Pokémon Go game, such as Pokeballs, Eggs, Revives, and Potions. You also get in-game points to help you level up when you visit these facilities.


Gyms are public locations, such as churches or recreational centers, where you can engage in Pokémon battles with creatures or other players. You need to be at Level 5 before being able to enter a gym and earn a license as a Pokemon trainer.


Exercise Caution with Pokémon Go –

Even though Pokémon is one of the most entertaining and exciting mobile games to come out over the past few years, there are also some risks attached to the game. We have already read numerous stories about people who get far too enamored with the game when they are walking around. For example, people have been crossing busy streets while staring at their phone to capture Pokémon, instead of watching out for cars. Others have wandered onto private property without even realizing where they were going. One or two cases have also emerged of people driving and playing the game at the same time, with one individual almost crashing into a police car at night because he was so busy trying to find a Pokémon.


While everyone is free to enjoy the game as much as they want, it is important to remember that you are out in the real world when you are catching Pokémon. Be aware of your surroundings, do not play the game when you are driving or engaging in other activities and make sure you do not wander into places where you are not permitted to go.