Pokemon Go is a crazy that has taken the world by storm in just under a month. Everyone from kids to twenty-somethings to older parents and grandparents have downloaded the game and are loving this unique augmented reality (AR) game. In case you somehow missed the memo, Pokemon Go allows users to catch Pokemon in real world locations. People all over the world can be seen wandering the streets, searching for Pokemon on their smartphones. This may seem like just a craze, but this unique new game is likely to lead to the development of even more exciting social AR games in the future. Savvy businesses are already realizing how they can capitalize on this trend – here’s how you can use Pokemon Go to promote your company and draw in a whole new demographic of consumers.

If recent news reports have told us anything, it’s that avid Pokemon Go players will do almost anything to catch their next Pokemon. You can use this to attract these players to your restaurant or retail store. For just 99 cents, you can purchase a lure for your business. What this will do is attract Pokemon to your store. You will soon find that players will be swarming your business, trying to make a catch. While they are there, you can capitalize on this opportunity by engaging them with your latest products and services. Buying a lure provides a great return on investment, because it is such a low cost, but can result in huge profits if used correctly.

You can take this one step further by providing more incentives for customers who are playing Pokemon Go in your store. For example, you could offer a special discount or new item to customers who catch a Pokemon in your business. You could also offer fun Pokemon themed items to capitalize on the craze. This not only will attract a new demographic to your business, but it also gets people talking, which increases your name recognition. It also gives you an amazing opportunity to really connect with your customers and start a dialogue with them. Consumers love interactive products and ideas, and they will be happy to keep returning to your business if it’s Pokemon-friendly.

The best thing about Pokemon Go is that it is a marketing strategy that you can start using right away. To let customers know that you are playing, make a post on social media to announce it, and then purchase your lure! You will start seeing business from this new demographic right away.