Pokémon Go is one of the most exciting and enthralling experiences for players who want to participate in an immersive mobile, MMO game. But as is the case with any game, players are also looking for ways to get as many points in Pokémon Go as possible – so they can level up, win more battles and capture more Pokémon on their travels. For those who are looking to gain an advantage on the competition while playing Pokémon Go, here is a look at some tips, tricks and cheats that will certainly help you in your quest.

Starting Character –

One of the best ways to start off your Pokémon Go career is by selecting Pikachu as the starting character. Now you may wonder how you can go about getting Pikachu, because it is true that he is not in the list of choices you are given when you are asked to catch your first Pokémon at the beginning of the game. But there is a way to bypass the game’s request to get Pikachu. All you have to do is walk away from the three Pokémon you are shown at the start of your game. After a minute, your phone will vibrate. It will present you with the same options again. And you will have the same response – to walk away until the game vibrates again. Repeat this process a few times until Pikachu appears on the screen!

Easy Capture Pokémon –

The key to capturing Pokémon with ease is to remain calm when you see one. If you are viewing your map at the time, you may see some rustling leaves in one of the directions. The rustling leaves are telling you that a Pokémon is nearby. As soon as you spot the Pokémon, your phone’s screen is going to shift from the general map view to a one-on-one view. The change in view gives you a better chance of capturing the Pokémon without any problems.

Now your first instinct is going to involve throwing as many Pokeballs at the Pokémon as possible, but you do not want to approach the situation in such a manner. You have to remain calm. Make sure you lock your white ring onto the creature and wait for the ring to turn green. As soon as it turns green, you are ready to unleash your Pokeball. If you are doing things correctly, you are only going to need one ball to capture a creature.

You must also note the difficulty level of each creature, which is indicated by a small ball at the bottom of your screen. If the ball is green, you got an easy capture. Yellow and red balls correspond to medium and difficult captures. Depending on the difficulty, you should use lesser or more powerful Pokeballs to grab the creature. Do not waste your powerful balls on easy-to-capture creatures. Similarly, do not waste a ton of less powerful balls on a red capture, because one powerful ball will do the job much better.

How to Set Fake GPS to Catch Pokémon Monster –

The idea of Pokémon Go is to roam around your city or town to find these Pokémon monsters and creatures so you can capture them and get more points. As you get more points, you are leveled up. The objective is to reach as high a level as possible. But what if you do not want to roam around all day catching Pokémon in your spare time? Perhaps you have other commitments, or you want to sit at home and relax? But may still want to impress your friends with your Pokémon score. One way to achieve a good score without putting in the effort is by setting up a fake GPS on your phone to make the game think you are moving around and catching Pokémon, even though you are completely stationary in reality.

The first step is to go to your Google Play or Apple Store and find a Location Spoofer application. The fake site app is going to help you make your phone’s GPS think you are in a different place from where you are currently located. The application is going to ask you for a few permissions, and it will request that you tweak some settings on your phone. Go ahead and complete whatever tasks it requires. Otherwise, you cannot spoof your location successfully.

As soon as the tasks are done, you can set up the location spoofer to place you wherever you want. There is no limit to where in the world you can place yourself. And as soon as your spoof location is complete, you are ready to enter the Pokémon Go game. When you open your Pokémon Go game, your map is going to correspond with the spoofed location, not your real location. So you can walk around inside your home or on the street outside and the game is going to think you are walking the streets of your spoofed location.

While the location hack is not a perfect trick, because you may have buildings in your way when you are trying to walk through the “spoofed” streets, it is still a very simple and easy way to capture new Pokémon. If you do not have access to a car on a particular day, or you do not feel like going into town to capture Pokémon, you can spoof your location and enjoy the game anyway!

How to Win Gym Battles and Earn Coins –

One of the best ways to level up quickly and get more spending money in the game is by winning gym battles. With Pokémon Go, gym battles are held at various locations in the real world. For example, you may find a nearby grocery store or church or rec center has been converted into a Pokémon Go gym by the game. So you can visit these locations, either by going there or by using your GPS spoofer, to engage in gym battles to win coins.

There are two types of gyms in Pokémon Go. There are friendly gyms and enemy gyms. If you have a gym nearby that is under the control of someone on your team, it is classed as a friendly gym. And you can go to those gyms and engage in friendly sparring with other players to level up and win easy coins. If you want coins quickly, you are better off finding friendly gyms instead of rival or enemy gyms. The only time you should visit an enemy gym is when you are bored of winning easy coins and leveling up!

You may also spot some neutral gyms, especially if you live in a small town or in the suburbs. These are gyms where no one is in control, which means they represent an opportunity for you to gain control and make the gym your own!

How to Evolve and Level Up Pokémon –

As long as you are capturing Pokémon, engaging in battles in gyms and spending your coins wisely, you are going to have no issues leveling up. Some people even use bots to help them level up, but you are probably not going to need those. The GPS spoofer is your best friend in such a scenario. All you have to do is set the spoofer to a major part of town, or a friendly gym, where you can catch Pokémon or engage in some friendly competition with your fellow team members. And thanks to the spoofer, you can do all of this while sitting at home and relaxing on your couch!

Winning gym battles gives you a great deal of XP, which can help you evolve. For example, winning a gym battle against one Pokémon is 150 XP, while winning against two Pokémon is 250 XP. You also get XP for hatching, evolving and catching Pokémon within the game.